Hygge pellets

Hygge life for the equine, it’s owner & nature

Hygge for a horse

The pellets creates thick and soft bedding layer on concret. They are hyper absorbent, so, there will be no odors, just a fresh, comfortable and dry environment for horses, perfect for an equine‘s resting. 

The pellets are hight temperature treated, therefore it does not cause allergies.

Hygge for an owner of a horse

The bedding is economic, efficient and easy-to-use.

The cleaning is easy and effective, since you need to remove wet spots only. So, more saved time for your hygge life.

Pellets are also compact – stays where it is spread.

To top up a stable box you only need 2 bags of 15 kg per week and you will not have disposal costs, since you can compost or use the used pallets as fertilizer

For your convenience we have 2 sizes of packaging – 15 kg package for everyday use and 500 kg package for industrial use.

Pellets are comfortable for storage and transporting. It takes a way less space than regular straw.

Hygge for natural world and environment

Grass pallets are natural & climate change friendly alternative for equine bedding.

Pellets are 100 % natural, no chemicals added.

Pellets are made from biomass which is harvested in a natural habitat of flooded meadows in Lithuania’s protected areas near the Baltic Sea.  These areas contain natural grassland vegetation, there is no agro-industrial activity, which means a fertilizer-free environment.

In comparison to an alternative product – bog peat pellets – „Hygge pellet“ is more climate-friendly option. You not only prevent the release of CO2 which was locked in the peat and released during the usage, but also contribute to biodiversity conservation – by buying “Hygge pellet” you support the protection of the rarest Europe’s songbird – Aquatic warbler.

Moreover, the product is environmentally friendly. It is 100 % biodegradable and therefore suitable for fertilizing fields after use in the stable box.

Order now via order@hyggepellet.eu and get the product in few weeks.


Demo packaging

New packaging – COMING soon

Huge packaging of 500 kg